Ramona White stars in ‘Nell: Her story and my story’ with two shows this month

Singer and songwriter Ramona White is R&B, Gospel and Retro-Soul’s rising star. Though, White has already had success performing with artists such as Kirk Franklin and the Family, Dalon Collins and more, she is ready to reveal herself to the world as a solo artist. Ramona has had major success singing and acting in many productions. Her anticipated EP will be released in early 2018 featuring her new hit single “If Only“, which debuts October, 2017 and will be featured in her upcoming dynamic new one-woman musical stage-play “Nell, Her story and My story Too“.

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Many people live the same archetypal stories.  We are human beings and we have more in common than we can imagine with each other.  We often think, “Oh I have such an original story” – and some people do.  However, some people have lived an experience that is really rare, and really unique.

Nell Carter, born September 13, 1948 in Birmingham, Alabama was an American Singer and Actress.  She won a Tony Award for her performance in the Broadway Musical, Ain’t Misbehavin’, as well as an Emmy Award for her reprisal of the role on the television show, Gimme a Break.

Ramona White, born May 5, 1971 in Fort Worth, Texas is an American Singer and Actress.  She won rave reviews for her role as Lola Rose in Murder in Motown and in the movie Deception of Love, directed by Snoop Robinson.

Both actresses have trademark sass complimented by a distinctively adenoidal voice.  They each developed an early interest in singing that led to performances in various youth groups, the church choir and even the gospel circuit.

This was positive distraction from the major traumas suffered during their early life which included the tragic death of both their fathers, and rape as a child; Nell, at gun point as a teenager while walking home from church and Ramona, once as a child by a relative and again as a teenager by her mother’s boyfriend.

Nell Carter passed away January 23, 2003 of a heart attack brought on by complications from diabetes.  There’s so much in this kind of process that Ramona has cut away, cut out and that she has let go of.  Her heroine journey struggles are elements of her great one women show with transformation.

Ramona White is a very brilliant, very great improviser and actress.  Her show spans her lifetime and thematically is very strong.  It focuses around her dysfunctional experiences then it flashes back to childhood where there were some red flags around that, her putting the pieces together and then her own spiritual and healing journey of how she chose to deal with that.

This one woman show Nell staring Ramona White, “Her story and My story too”, intertwines both Nell and Ramona’s theatrical and singing similarities with favorite songs from Nell Carter and a few of Ramona’s favorite songs and concludes with an original song written by Ramona that inspires anyone that hears it.  This show has humor, characters, direct spiritual insight and wisdom, and music.  It’s not just your typical show, but a spectacular production that will leave you in awe.   For show times and tickets, click here.

About Ramona White:
A captivating singer/songwriter, Ramona White is a passionate, soulful performer who takes listeners on a journey through a musical world where Contemporary R&B meets Retro-Soul balanced with the Quiet Storm and Gospel.  Her lyrics, reflective of her southern Lone Star roots, embrace the essence of a spiritual and fullness for life from an urban perspective.  She hails from Fort Worth, Texas and was a member of Kirk Franklin & the Family.  Ramona took a hiatus from “The Family” to begin her own family, giving birth to two beautiful daughters.

After some time, Ramona rejoined the music circuit, singing lead in several bands including Soaring Higher, Common Ground, and The Inspiration Band.  Getting back to her gospel roots, she joined the award-winning gospel choir Inspired Voices having one of their most memorable performances at the Verizon Theatre How Sweet the Sound Dallas that included some of the nation’s greatest choirs.  Soon after, Ramona became the Praise and Worship Leader at Greater Friendship Church.

Ramona tapped into her thespian talent co-staring in the stage play Seven Women, One Man alongside leading man, R&B singer, songwriter, and stage play actor with Tyler Perry Productions, Tony Grant.  She also scored the leading role as Lola Rose in Buttons Murder Mysteries including Murder in Motown.

From stage to screen, Ramona landed the role of Gertie in the movie Deceptions of Love, produced and directed by Snoop Robinson.   In 2017, she performed with Communion during the Stellar Awards weekend on The Rite Marketing’s Radio Showcase.  Ramona has also modeled for the phenomenal Dallas designer Tawny Hanes’ Jewel in His Crown Fashion Extravaganza and posed for an Epic Photo Spread by Designer Tyra Robinson, Photographed by the dynamic Roderick Conner.  To hone in on her bilingual gift, Ramona speaks Spanish fluently and performs songs in Spanish such as Como La Flor from her favorite Latino artist, Selina.

Ramona White’s much anticipated CD self-titled Ramona is expected to be released in the Spring of 2018.  Her hit single If Only will be release in the Fall of 2017.  The CD Ramona is a compilation of songs written by Ramona that reflect the pieces of her life and how they have come together.  It also expresses her desire to use her experiences to encourage and edify others.  To learn more about Ramona White visit her website at www.ramonamusic.net.


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