The Ministry Entrepreneur Explosion Conference Is Coming to Dallas

**This is NOT a worship conference. This is for artists who want to use their music ministry gifts beyond their local church!**

The Incubator Creative Group presents the Ministry Entrepreneur Explosion Conference using Christian music as a tool of evangelism, encouragement and ministry beyond the conventional possibilities of Sunday church services. The Explosion is not another worship conference. It has a decided emphasis on the performance aspects of music verses the use of music in a worship setting. The Explosion also illuminates a perspective for making a music ministry work as a sustainable small business enterprise or self-supporting hobby.

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The Explosion is more than a conference. It is an experience. It includes not only the live event itself but also seven hours of pre-conference online training and interaction. This in-advance experience provides a unique vehicle to facilitate the development of a relationship between you as an artist and Incubator (the sponsor of the Explosion). The Explosion utilizes a proven system for growth deployed by Incubator over its 30-year history… Active Relational Training (ART). The result of ART is the establishment and deepening of a relationship between each artist and Incubator, which correspondingly creates a high level of energy and positive atmosphere among the registrants gathered for the live event. The Explosion may feel more like a family reunion than an educational event!

The Ministry Explosion will come to Dallas on Friday and Saturday July 27th and 28th. It’s a can’t miss weekend (Friday night and and all day Saturday) conference igniting Christian artists to take their music and message beyond Sundays! For more information and to start your conference track, today, click here!

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